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9.34 КБThe creators of the One Street Museum have been exploring the mysteries of the old Kiev street Andreyevsky spusk (Andrew’s descent) for many years.  Small in size but very deep in substance, the museum became one of the most popular museums in Kiev. The abounding exposition of the museum is filled with historical documents, manuscripts, autographs, antique postcards, photos, and a great number of fascinating objects of the antique interior. Exploring the museum visitors immerse into nostalgic atmosphere of the history, as if traveling by the time machine.

Usually Andreyevsky spusk is associated solely with the name of Mikhail Bulgakov, the world-famous writer, who lived in the descent in the building No.13. Actually, since the end of nineteenth century many prominent figures of the Ukrainian and Russian science and culture lived in this densely populated street. The One Street Museum illustrates the way they lived and worked without any preconception and bias. Just as these people were neighbors living in Andreyevsky spusk, so they continue to be alongside in the museum exposition.

In 2002 the One Street Museum became a nominee for European Museum Forum – an international organization under the auspices of the Council of Europe and under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Fabiola of Belgium. It was the first and only museum of Ukraine participating in the Forum.11.08 КБ

The team of the One Street Museum lay down a new path in museum business. The main principle of the museum is strict and impartial reflection of reality. There are neither cuts of history process, nor cultural, religious or ideological bias. The museum exposition shows history just as it is.

One Street Museum
Andreyevsky spusk,2-B
Kiev, 04070, Ukraine

Nearest station: Kontraktova Ploshcha
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Tel. +38 (044) 425-03-98
Tel/fax +38 (044) 425-52-62
email: OneStreetMuseum@gmail.com

Open daily from 12 noon to 6 p.m.

Entrance fee: 100 UAH.

Guided tour in English: 400 UAH. To book a guided tour or group visit please call us on tel. +38 (044) 425-03-98 or email: OneStreetMuseum@gmail.com.

Panorama of the One Street Museum (clickable):

Author of panorama Maksim Sidorov